My Goddess Findom Project

Goddess Findom Project

So, it occurred to me a while ago that I just can’t live without the finer things in life. Yeah, I know it sounds superficial and everything, but I honestly love designer handbags, shoes, clothing, and I really like nice cars. Like, anything less than a Lexus and I’m just not interested in being within 10 feet of the thing.

That’s really the main reason I got into camming, actually. It was always about making lots of money to feed my addiction to nice things. I’ve had sugar daddies in the past who helped with my expensive tastes, but dealing them with them was frankly a major hassle, and I just got tired of it. So I was really happy when I discovered the goddess findom niche within webcam modeling, because it seemed totally made for me.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, goddess camming, or financial domination as some call it, is all about a camgirl making submissive men pay her for simply paying attention to them. There usually isn’t even any nudity or sexual act involved at all, it’s mostly just about raping men’s wallets. LMAO.

When I found cam girls were doing this, I really thought I could make this work for my own camming business. Being a goddess findom is right up my alley, because I frankly LOVE telling guys what to do. And the idea of ordering them to give me their money is just irresistible.

I’m just getting started with this project, but I plan to blog regularly about my results with it, so some of you girls out there who might be thinking of getting into it can take notes and learn what to do. From the research I’ve done on the subject, it seems that being a good goddess cam girl is really all about attitude. You’ve got to project an air of dominance and superiority. That’s what these submissive dudes want to see in you. They want to worship you as a feminine goddess who is way above them…someone who deserves every last cent they have! LOL

As I get further into this, I want to make connections with other goddess findoms and get their views on how to be a great findom cam girl. I’m really looking to excel in this business because it could actually change my life if I’m successful at it. I read on one webcam model blog that many goddesses are making over $20,000 per month doing this, and that’s EXACTLY the kind of income I need right now! Louis Vuitton bags don’t come cheap, ya know!!